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Mini Facelift, Eyelid Surgery and, Fat Transfer in 71 Year Old Woman


Procedure Details

71 year old female who came in for facial rejuvenation. In consultation, her main concerns were her lower face and jowls as well as the appearance of her eyes. We discussed improving her neck but she wasn’t particularly interested.

We developed a plan to perform

1. mini-facelift ( aka lower facelift ) which would elevate the tissue around the lower face and cheeks and have about a 60% improvement of the neck
2. Fat transfer to provide more volume to her face particularly in her cheeks, lower eyelid area, lips, and around her mouth
3. Upper and lower eyelid to remove extra skin but did not need to remove any fat.

The procedure was performed at the Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center under IV sedation anesthesia.

Before Mini Facelift
After - 3 Months
Before(Side View)
After (Side View)
Before (45 degree view)
After (45 degree view)
  • 3 Months After

    71 year old female after a mini facelift, upper lower eyelid surgery, and fat transfer to the cheeks and lips. The procedure was able to elevate the jowls and provide a more pleasant roundness to her face. Her eyes look more youthful. While she could have had a better improvement on her neck with a necklift, she was not interested.

Procedure Related Video

If you would like to see how the surgery is performed, you can see my live surgery video listed below. Warning, because it is a live surgery, it is graphic. 

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