Facial Rejuvenation - Fat Transfer + Lower Eyelid Surgery

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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a procedure used to replace facial volume that is lost with aging.  

Normal volume loss with aging -

The face will lose volume with aging unlike the rest of the body which seems to gain volume.  The loss of facial volume causes the the tissue around it to droop and look deflated. This is particularly true under the eyes, in the temples, and in and around the lips.  Youthful faces are round; and the loss of volume in the face progressively looks older.

How to replace facial volume -

Facial volume can be replaced using facial fillers like juvederm, voluma, or sculptra.  These are off the shelp products that are quick and easy to use with minimal down-time. These products are generally bought by the syringe and lasts for 1-2 years on average.  If you hae a lot of volume needs, the price of adding fillers can be very high since fillers are purchased by the syringe.

Fat transfer can be a more cost effective way of replacing large volumes as it is not purchased by the syringe.  Instead, because you are replacing the volume with your own fat, there is no extra overhead. Fat also will last upwards of 5 to 10 years.  Some fat will be lost during the transfer phase; you may require extra treatments that are priced at half the originial cost for 1 year.



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