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Gynecomastia Northern Virginia

Gynecomastia is also referred to as male breast enlargement.  It can be an embarrassing development regardless of your age.  It is, however, much more psychosocially problematic in young adults and teenagers during the period of developmental self-awareness and self-=confidence.    

Large breast enlargement can be caused by fat, breast tissue, or both.  The treatment for gynecomastia depends on the the proportion of fat and breast tissue and the overall size of their enlargement.

Large fat content gynecomastia - large fat content gynecomastia can be treated with simple liposuction.  The breast fat can be removed and the remaining fat can be sculpted as needed.

Large breast tissue content gynecomastia - large amounts of breast tissue can only be removed by directly excision ( directly cutting it out ) as liposuction will not be able to penetrate breast tissue which is much harder than fat.  In general, an incision is placed below the nipple areola complex and the breast tissue is visualized and removed.

Large amount of fat and breast tissue gynecomastia - If the large male breast is due to having both larger amounts of fat AND breast tissue, you will require both liposuction and direct excision

Very large amounts of fat and breast tissue gynecomastia - If the large male breast is very large enought to stretch the skin and the weight is enough to cause the skin to cause breast sagging or breast droop, then a formal breast reduction procedure is required.  This requires removal and tailoring of the skin in order to recontour the breast.  The procedure is similar to a breast lift or reduction in women. 

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Other names for male breast enlargement include:

  • gynecomastia
  • male breast
  • man booble
  • man breasts


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