Breast Pocket Revision for Malposition after Breast Augmentation

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Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Revision Surgery ( also called secondary breast surgery ) is a term given to any procedure used to correct complications of breast augmentation.  As a surgeon with a reputation for performing word class breast augmentation procedures, I will get referrals from all around the country.


Breast Revision Surgery is most commonly performed for malposition of a breast implant.  The implant needs to sit in a pocket that the surgeon creates. This pocket is sometimes made too high, too low, too wide, or too narrow.  Making a pocket larger can be releatively simple. Moving a pocket or making it smaller can be extremely difficult as the pocket needs to be made smaller using suture placement which is not an exact science.


Breast Revision Surgery is also common in breast lift procedures where the shape of the breast is not always ideal.  This will often require deconstructing the previous procedure and starting over.


In general, breast revision surgery is more often than not, more difficult than the original procedure.


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