Breast Augmentation in Loudoun, Virginia

Procedure Details

41 year old female 6 months after breast augmentation with 325 cc saline implants placed through a areola incision. Patient went from an A cup to a C/D cup. Patient has had 3 children that left her breast appearing deflated. Details: Procedure was performed at the INOVA Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center near Leesburg, Virginia Age: 41 Time Since Surgery: 6 months Type of Implant : Saline Technique: Dual Plane Submuscular Areola incision 325 cc both sides

Breast Augmentation

My approach and philosophy on breast augmentation depends on the patients age, the patient’s wishes, and the patient’s anatomy.  I have a different conversation if the patient is young and has not previously had children. Young patients need to be more conservative in their choice of size as having babies later will distort their breasts more than the usual.  


Older patients and patients who have had babies may have some degree of breast deflation / loss of breast volume and breast droop. These patients benefit from an augmentation that can restore their volume or may need a breast lift if there is too much breast droop. It is important to note that the breast implant can provide a small lift if the amount if droop is small.


Silicone is available for patients over 21 years old.  If the patients choose a silicone implant, I can make my incisions close to half the size of most plastic surgeons as I regularly use a keller funnel to place the implant.  This also decreases the risk of infection, damage to the implant, and capsular contracture.


Saline breast implants were the only implants available up to around 2006. If a patient chooses a saline implant, I allow them to choose where they want their incisions including the underarm, under the breast ( most common ) or beneath the areola. The incision is very small compared to a typical silicone incision. Once the incision is made, the procedure is roughtly the same as that for silicone. The implant is then put in a submuscular position and filled to the desired volume.


All implants are placed using a dual plane technique under the pectoralis muscle ( submuscular plane ).  This allows a more natural contour, decreases the ability to see and feel the implant, as well as decreases the risk of certain complications like capsular contracture.  



A breast lift might be needed for older women or women who have had children.  



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