Male Breast Reduction in Loudoun Virginia in teens ( also called Gynecomastia )

Procedure Details

18 year old male athlete who complains of enlarged male breast. He is a varsity athlete embarrassed about wearing tight sports uniforms let alone walking around in a male locker room. He is obviously not overweight. He denies other medications or drug use ( marijuana can cause enlargement of the breast ). His examination shows large breasts compared to his frame on both sides that has both a fatty component and a fibrous breast tissue component. The fact that he has a large breast tissue component is important because breast tissue is hard and is not treatable with liposuction. His treatment therefore required both liposuction to reduce the fat component but also required direct excision of the breast tissue that lies under the nipple area. You can see the scar ( but barely ) under the areola. You will also notice that the large breast tissue causes the breasts to droop. This was handled ( but not completely ) by extending the liposuction margins beyond the breast to allow the skin to re-drape. This is not a guaranteed process. A guaranteed technique would require skin scars around the areola and that is not worth it in this case. You can see his before and after gynecomastia 3 month results here.


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