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What to Expect from Your Mommy Makeover Consultation and Treatment
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As reviewed in previous pages, your treatment options for your mommy makeover will depend largely on how your body has changed after having babies and what are your primary concerns. 

The mommy makeover procedure is a cosmetic procedure tailored specifically to your needs and wishes determined at your consultation. 

Most women will choose to have a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift, an abdominoplasty with or without liposuction, and and a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.  Some patients will even have minor facial rejuvenation procedures such as botox and fillers.


The cost of your procedure will vary greatly depending on the procedure combination that you need.  You will receive a price quote at the end of your consultation.  Prices will include Dr. Chang’s surgical fee, surgery center fees, anesthesia fees, and material costs such as bras, compression garments, and breast implants. 

We are very sensitive to pricing as we are the first to say that prices can add up.  For this reason, discounts are given for multiple procedures performed on the same date.



Prior to your procedure, your pictures will be taken for documentation purposes.  Face procedure are never published without your specific written consent.  These images are used to follow your progress over the 3-12 month recovery period. 

Most patients will meet with the Karen, the surgical coordinator, after your consultation.  She is there to help you with all your administrative and procedural questions.  

She will start by giving you a written quote for the procedures that you discussed with Dr. Chang during your consultation.  These can always change, of course.  

She is also responsible for scheduling your preoperative visit, surgery, and initial postoperative appointment.  Feel free to call with any questions during this entire process.


The vast majority of surgeries are performed either INOVA Loudon Hospital or the Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center.  Both facilities are accredited premier INOVA facilities with board certified Anesthesia.  


Patients will be called by the surgical center prior to their procedures to give them more specific questions.  In general, however, they will want you to be at the facility 1 hour prior to your procedure; and tell you not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before.  

Patients should also optimize their recovery by eating well and taking vitamins ( except for vitamin E and fish oils ) prior to their procedures.  

Patients should also avoid aspirin and aspirin products including advil and motrin 10 days prior to surgery.

While some patients will see results after only a month, most patients will need about 2-3 months. We will set up a follow-up appointment for 12 weeks later. We will ALWAYS be happy to see or talk to you prior to our standard appointment schedule.

At your follow-up, we will take your after-photos and weigh you. These are taken to show you your amazing transformation. 80% of patients are so thrilled, they will go on to have a DIFFERENT area treated.

Surgery can be a scary thing for most patients.  Fortunately, complications are rare and usually consist of small localized areas of delayed wound healing or infection that can easily be dealt with.  

Patients are often more concerned about their cosmetic outcome.  For most procedures, including breast, face, or body contouring procedures, it will take anywhere from 3 months to a year for the swelling to completely resolve and the tissue to reshape itself.  Until that time, it will be difficult to completely understand the results.  

For this reason, revisions are never performed before the 6 month mark with very few exceptions. 

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