Cosmetic Surgery For Moms
What are the treatment options for your Mommy Makeover

Breast – Abdomen – Vagina – Liposuction

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Your cosmetic options for improving the appearance of the skin and body depends on factors that include the the amount of fat, the amount of skin laxity, the existence of  lines, wrinkles and sun damage.  

Coolsculpting Mini is the next evolution of the Coolsculpting Procedure that allows us to remove unwanted fat from the neck or other small areas.  

The device was made specifically for the contours of the neck.  Aesthetica is proud to have purchased the first device in Northern Virginia for your benefit.  

Depending on the amount of fat, you may need either one or 2 treatments.  There is minimal to no pain.  And there is no recovery.   Most patients will return to work immediately.  Results can be seen after 6 to 8 weeks.

Along with the abdominoplasty procedure, breast augmentation is the most common Mommy Makeover procedure.  As you know, pregnancy and breast feeding causes the breast to enlarge, stretch, and sag.  These changes usually don’t bounce back.  

Breast augmentation using saline or silicone breast implants or fat transfer are procedures that can restore the volume and shape of your breasts.

Some patients, who have significant amounts of sagging may require a breast lift.  

SkinTyte is an advanced nonsurgical skin tightening device by Sciton.  The device delivers broad band light which precisely heats and denatures skin collagen.  The collagen remolds and tightens the skin in the healing process.

SkinTye is purchased as a package of 4 or 6 treatments one month apart. There is minimal pain.  And there is no recovery.   Most patients will return to work immediately.  Results can be seen after 6 to 8 weeks.

Liposuction, along with breast augmentation and abdominoplasties are the most common procedures performed as a Mommy Makeover procedure.  Where an abdominoplasty will address the lower abdominal fat and sagging, liposuction is a useful adjunctive procedure for the fat in the flanks, lower back, and thighs.  

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that directly sucks out and removes fat.  Most areas of unwanted fat can be removed.  The most common areas, however, include the neck, abdomen, flanks, arms, and thighs.  Small areas such as in the neck or arms can often be treated with regional anesthesia in the office instead of general asleep anesthesia in the surgery center or hospital.  The most significant limitation is in patients with either a lot of fat or if there exists a lot of extra skin.  Surgical tightening is required in these situations.

A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift sagging of the breast.  The goals are to lift the breast, lift the nipple complex, tighten the skin envelope, and reshape the breast.  The procedure might need to be combined with a breast augmentation if you require additional volume.  Removing breast volume can be performed as a breast reduction.

Breast reduction can be performed to reduce the size of the breast.  Your breast may have enlarged with pregnancy.  In addition to reducing the size of the breast, the  goals of a breast reduction are to elevate the breast, elevate the nipple complex, reduce the size of the areola, and to reshape the breasts.  Breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any procedure in plastic surgery.

Your breast might change dramatically during and after pregnancy.  The tissue might have been left sagging after being stretched in addition to losing breast volume.  Breast augmentation using breast implants or fat transfer can often restore the volume to normal ( or more ), but in patients with significant sagging, they will need the addition of a surgical breast lift.

Breast augmentation can be performed using your own fat, killing two birds with one stone.  That is, you can reduce unwanted fat by liposuction, only to transfer the fat to the breast where it is wanted.  The advantage of this method is that is is more natural without using a artificial implant.  The disadvantage is that the transferred fat is never guaranteed to survive the transfer.  We can discuss the pros and cons during your consultation.

An abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is one of the most common plastic procedures in America.  The goal is to remove extra loose sagging tissue of the lower abdomen.  The stretch marks of the lower abdomen are removed in the process and the abdominal wall muscles are tightened from the top of the abdomen above to the pubic bone below.  

The procedure does not address the flanks are lower back.  Excess fat or sagging tissue in these areas may require liposuction for the fat or a lower body lift to lift the sagging tissue of the outer thighs and or buttock.

The mini-abdominoplasty procedure benefits only a small minority of women after pregnancy.  The goal of the procedure is to reduce or remove stretched extra skin of the lower abdomen while tightening the abdominal wall of the lower abdomen.  The belly button is not moved so the procedure is not appropriate for women who need larger amounts of tissue removal or tightening of the upper abdomen.

The vaginal canal will become more loose with age.  Pregnancy and vaginal tears during delivery will often accelerate this process.  The vaginal tissue will also thin out and vaginal lubrication begins to decrease.  The consequences can include painful and less satisfying intercourse.  The Sciton laser for vaginal rejuvenation is up to 80% effective in providing additional lubrication, thickening and tightening of the vaginal wall, while increasing sexual pleasure.

Many women are born with long or an asymmetric appearance of the labia minora.  In many additional women, the labia tends to get longer with age and pregnancies.  One of our specialties is the labiaplasty procedure which reduces the size and length of the labia.  

Peeing when you jump or sneeze is common after vaginal deliveries.  In fact, up to 70% of women are bothered by the development.  Fortunately, the Sciton laser for stress urinary incontinence is effective in eliminating or dramatically reducing the problem in up to 80% of women.

Facial rejuvenation can obviously mean many things.  But most people don’t realize that pregnancy will also change the appearance of your face.  The weight changes stretch your collagen, resulting in the appearance of sagging tissue and wrinkles that will at a minimum benefit from botox and fillers.

Coolsculpting is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction.  The goal of coolsculpting is to reduce the bulk of isolated fat pockets in areas that include the abdomen, flanks, upper back, arms, neck, and thighs.  I’m sure we can find other areas to treat too.  The biggest benefits include the fact that there is no surgery involved, there is no down-time, and there is negligible discomfort.