How Has Aging Affected You?
What Are Botox Sprinkles?

Botox is a nonsurgical injection product that helps reduce fine line and wrinkles.  In expert hands like Dr. Chang and the nurse injectors that Dr. Chang has trained, Botox works on the specific muscle groups that causes the wrinkles.  This is why Dr. Chang has been awarded as one of the Top Doctors and a Diamond Provider by Allergan.



Botox is a medication that has the ability to decrease or stop a muscle from working.  In traditional medicine, it is used for muscle spasms or joint contractures.  In cosmetic medicine, it is used to help patients look and feel better.


Botox is injected directly into the muscle that you want to treat.  The most common areas treated include:

  • the horizontal forehead lines that can make you look worried
  • the vertical glabella lines between the brows that make you look angry or stern, and
  • the crow’s feet lines around the eyes that are associated with aging.  


Some less known actions of botox include the ability to :

  • turn the corners of the mouth upwards ( no more grumpy cat ),
  • reduce the dimpling of the chin
  • reduce the vertical bands in the neck, or
  • refining the jaw line by reducing the the masseter jaw muscle.  
  • Botox can even reduce migraine headaches and reduce the pain of TMJ.


Your consultation will be with one of our cosmetic registered nurses. Our nurses have had years of experience and have treated more than 90 percent of all doctors each.  In addition, they have all been personally trained by Dr. Chang in the techniques and outcomes that he aspires to. 

Botox sprinkles were inspired by the unwritten fact that not all patients need a full dose of Botox.  This is particularly true in patients with only a few dynamic wrinkles that they are not happy with as well as for patients who are young and who simply want to slow down aging.

A typical dose of Botox is about 20 to 30 units per area treated.  Botox Sprinkles is designed for young patients or patients with very few dynamic needs who have only a fraction of this normal dose.  Some selected patients might only need 8-10 units.

Reducing the action of some of the facial muscles  will not only reduce the visible wrinkles, but it will slow down the aging in the area.  

This is no doubt that this is true of treating the forehead muscles, the glabella lines between the brows, and the crow’s feet lines around the eyes.  

Because the treated muscle is no longer able to contract the skin, the collagen does not break down as fast and therefore does not stretch or sag as fast over time.

Young patients can be unhappy with their dynamic lines too.  They may have less lines but that does not imply that they don’t notice or are disturbed by them.  

Young patients with only a few dynamic lines or patients who simply want to slow aging in their face are perfect candidates for Botox Sprinkles.  They don’t need a full dose of botox per area.  Having a smaller dose is not only less expensive for a young patient on a budget, but it more than suitable for their needs.

Botox is sold in units because not all patients and conditions are  equal.  

Younger patients will often need a lesser dose.  

Patients with low brow positions will need a lesser dose as higher doses will risk dropping their brows and upper eyelids even further

Patients with a short brow will need a lesser dose

Patients with weak muscles or less lines will benefit from lesser doses